Greek Influenced Bolognese

 Bolognese with roasted eggplant - foodforfreude_IMG_5386_cr

Popular Italian Bolognese ragu meets popular ingredients in the Greek kitchen such as eggplants and feta cheese combined with a subtle touch of cinnamon in this Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

Spaghetti (alla) Bolognese is widely popular around the globe and often perceived as a typical Italian dish. Funny thing though is, that Italy of all things happen to be the only country where spaghetti is actually not served along with the ground meat based sauce (to be honest I didn’t know that until now that I’m writing about it). The reason for that is that spaghetti is lacking the substantial ‘meat sauces adhere well on it’ attribute.

Tagliatelle is usually the classic pasta in Italy that gets the privilege to be dressed with Bolognese ragu. I for one know, that my next pasta Bolognese will be made with tagliatelle. Alternatively pappardelle, fettucine or short tube pasta such as rigatoni or penne are also acceptable.

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Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Magic Chickpeas

Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Magic Chickpeas - foodforfreude_IMG_3562

These chocolate cookies with peanut butter are simply amazing and taste astoundingly like the real deal. You would never guess that the main ingredient are actually chickpeas. Such chewy deliciousness – with a pleasantly surprising healthified twist. Ingenious.

When it comes to cookies I personally choose the soft and chewy ones over the more firmer and crispier anytime. Soft and chewy are my association with classic American chocolate chip cookies and main reason for my fascination for them.

This recipe on chocolate chip cookies however takes the whole soft and chewy cookie game to a whole different level. Extra special bonus level you could say – that actually can please more people. There is no flour involved and no eggs making them gluten-free and vegan. Chickpeas are replacing the flour and also making the use of eggs obsolete. Chickpeas. What are the odds, right? You can use canned chickpeas that will be transformed into a dough in no time with some little help of a food processor. Read the rest of this entry »

Panzanella – Bread Salad with Basil Vinaigrette


The classic Italian bread salad is a great way to use up stale bread and boost the taste experience up to ‘very pleasing’ (ding, ding, ding). In its most common form it usually also consists of tomatoes and raw onions in a basic vinaigrette. This version also adds bell pepper for some fibrous crunch and a basil dressing with Chimichurri vibe.

It might just be my selective perception but as soon as I discovered Panzanella for me – as a great way to use up stale bread – suddenly Panzanella recipes were popping up everywhere. It seems that this bread salad practically became pretty much a free style salad. Or say it’s on the verge of becoming that. As long as there’s bread involved you can call it Panzanella (mostly without any nervous ticks or a backlash). 

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Crispy Oven Baked Fries

Oven Baked

Thanks to a simple trick these oven-baked ‘fries’ turn really crispy and delicious. To fear a comparison with real fries from the deep fryer these healthier padawans need not.

Doesn’t most childhood memories somehow also involve fries (ok, depending where you live)? Like for instance the best fries you eat are those after a swim at your trusty bathing resort (sugar pearl bracelets were also a big thing). For a lot of us memories featuring fries actually won’t stop with adulthood. Fries are über beliebt (popular) no matter what age – how the French would say.

Crispy Oven Fries_IMG_3463-foodforfreude
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Linguini with Smoked Salmon – And a Little Excursion on Cooking with Alcohol in General and Spirits in Particular 

Linguini with Smoked Salmon-foodforfreude_IMG_3187_1

This delightful pasta recipe has spring/summer written all over. Smoked wild salmon gets accompanied by the always enchanting green asparagus. Whisky enhances the smokiness. Fresh tarragon adds a perfect finishing touch.

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Southern German Potato Salad


A potato salad on the lighter side – yet it compromises nothing. Dressed with a simple but brilliant concoction made with beef stock and vinegar, typical for Southern German potato salad this side dish will become your secret main star.

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Spaghetti with Radicchio alla Carbonara

Spaghetti Radicchio Carbonara_IMG_5050_1-foodforfreude

This is a meatless take on the classic Spaghetti Carbonara that typically features guanciale, pancetta or other (preferably unsmoked) bacon. Sautéed radicchio refined with dry sherry is the star here. Similarly supported by fresh eggs – and a good reasonable amount (a ton!) of black pepper, hence the name ‘Carbonara’.

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Pan-fried Falafel

Pan-fried falafel? You know, falafel, but pan-fried! Fresh cilantro and an oriental-yet-familiar spice mix give this twist on the traditional Middle Eastern street food character and an irresistible aroma that let you forget the meat.

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Refreshing Soba Salad

Soba Salad Closeup_foodforfreude

A relaxing and refreshing ‘ahhh’ is what you are going to say when you try this salad with Japanese buckwheat noodles and complimentary dressed raw, fresh vegetables with a nice bite.

It really is a great and healthy salad especially on a hot summer day, as it’ll help you keep your cool while also tasting amazing. Yes, there is some various vegetables chopping involved here but as soon as you take the first bite you’ll know it was the right decision to make this salad. I promise.

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Japanese Ginger Dressing

Japanese Ginger Dressing-foodforfreude

This Japanese soy sauce ginger dressing will make you fall in love with your salad.

Well-orchestrated ingredients make this Japanese origin vinaigrette a great salad finish. You can use this dressing for all kinds of salads, like a Refreshing Soba Salad, Asian cole-slaw, mixed green lettuce salad, or mixed cabbage salad with vegetables like red cabbage, carrots,  radishes, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, scallions – topped with a (soft)boiled egg. Possibilities are nearly endless. 

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