Greek Influenced Bolognese

 Bolognese with roasted eggplant - foodforfreude_IMG_5386_cr

Popular Italian Bolognese ragu meets popular ingredients in the Greek kitchen such as eggplants and feta cheese combined with a subtle touch of cinnamon in this Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

Spaghetti (alla) Bolognese is widely popular around the globe and often perceived as a typical Italian dish. Funny thing though is, that Italy of all things happen to be the only country where spaghetti is actually not served along with the ground meat based sauce (to be honest I didn’t know that until now that I’m writing about it). The reason for that is that spaghetti is lacking the substantial ‘meat sauces adhere well on it’ attribute.

Tagliatelle is usually the classic pasta in Italy that gets the privilege to be dressed with Bolognese ragu. I for one know, that my next pasta Bolognese will be made with tagliatelle. Alternatively pappardelle, fettucine or short tube pasta such as rigatoni or penne are also acceptable.

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