Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Magic Chickpeas

Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Magic Chickpeas - foodforfreude_IMG_3562

These chocolate cookies with peanut butter are simply amazing and taste astoundingly like the real deal. You would never guess that the main ingredient are actually chickpeas. Such chewy deliciousness – with a pleasantly surprising healthified twist. Ingenious.

When it comes to cookies I personally choose the soft and chewy ones over the more firmer and crispier anytime. Soft and chewy are my association with classic American chocolate chip cookies and main reason for my fascination for them.

This recipe on chocolate chip cookies however takes the whole soft and chewy cookie game to a whole different level. Extra special bonus level you could say – that actually can please more people. There is no flour involved and no eggs making them gluten-free and vegan. Chickpeas are replacing the flour and also making the use of eggs obsolete. Chickpeas. What are the odds, right? You can use canned chickpeas that will be transformed into a dough in no time with some little help of a food processor. Read the rest of this entry »